Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Terry Murphy

This is the first of Terry's books that I've read.  It's very funny and I do love a laugh.

Weekend in Weighton  Weekend in Weighton

My review -

Eddie Greene is a new private detective and his very first client doesn’t last 24 hours before being found dead. Eddie’s task of finding his client’s killer isn’t made any easier by the fact that he has fallen foul of Weighton’s Mr Big, Jimmy Cartwright, and his thugs. Jimmy warns him off but our hero is determined. Eddie is a very likable, fast talking and fast thinking chap and all the characters in the book have three dimensions. 

This is a brilliantly told tale with a number of linked stories. There are some great one-liners here, for example, ‘I’d never not solved a case, and I didn’t intend to start with my first.’ I was very rapidly drawn in to the plot. Terry Murphy has a sharp wit and a knack for a story line and I found this book extremely funny and very satisfying. I believe there will be another Weighton book. I look forward to it very much.

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