Tuesday, 7 January 2014

J C Allen

If you love action thrillers with a bit of computer hacking thrown in, look no further!


Amazon.com M.O.D.

My review - 

This is a great, action-packed conspiracy and computer-hacking story which I enjoyed very much. Scott and his FBI partner Sheelia are on the trail of a group which is threatening the government, not by the traditional terrorist tactics but by telling people of their corruption and ineptitude. Thousands of services personnel and items of equipment, up to and including planes, have gone missing. People are joining the renegade group. Scott decides to infiltrate and becomes impressed by the group and its aims. His partner is still on the government's side.

I enjoyed the pace and the characters of this story. I have no idea how much of the computer-techy stuff is feasible but the story carried me along. It was a great read.

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