Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Carl Ashmore

Fourth in a series but it's not growing stale!

The Time Hunters - Sword of Ages The Time Hunters - Sword of Ages
My review - 

Our friends Becky, Joe, Uncle Percy and Will are on the hunt for another Eden Relic, the Sword of Ages. Natural their arch enemy Emerson Drake and his henchman Otto Krueger are looking for it too, for the power is confers. As always with Carl Ashmore’s books, there’s plenty of action and excitement but there’s always more under the surface. The children’s characters are so wonderfully real and I can hear their conversations in my head – they ring very true! We learn a great deal more about the past of some of the characters including Joe. There are hidden depths in this story and it’s a nail-biting read.

Fans of The Time Hunters are going to snap this up and they aren’t going to be disappointed. I read it in just a couple of days and it took me from laughter to being a little choked up. You mustn’t miss this!

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