Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lynda Wilcox

Another Verity Long story and if you haven't yet read any, you're missing a treat!

Amazon.com Married to Murder

My review -

The ever-nosy Verity Long can hardly help becoming involved in her latest case as she’s in the next room when the body is found. She’s in the throes of planning her wedding to the gorgeous Inspector Jerry Farish and in so doing she discovers nasty goings-on in the world of wedding planning. Jerry is out of touch for several days and has been seen dining with a blonde so Verity seriously wonders if her own nuptials will go ahead. Several people are in the frame for the murder and of course, Verity can’t leave ill enough alone.

I find reading a Lynda Wilcox book like slipping into something comfortable and grabbing a glass of red - so relaxing. They are elegant, urbane, witty and utterly charming – and I never guess who the baddy is! Verity is the kind of person who would run towards an unexpected noise in the night. I am the one who would sit under the table with a towel on my head till it went away.  Still, opposites attract and I love these characters and hope there are many more stories to come. Lynda Wilcox is Queen of the Cosy Mysteries for me.

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