Friday, 18 July 2014

M T McGuire

This is the final part of a trilogy. It's Book 4. That probably tells you rather a lot!

Looking for Trouble

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My review -

We left The Pan of Hamgee in dire straights at the end of Book 3. One of his friends is in desperate need of medical attention. Without it he's a gonner. This book guides us through the complexities of the politics of K'Barth and the Underground and Resistance movements working for freedom from the Grongolian oppressors. We find that not all Grongolians are wicked.
Ruth is due to marry the dreadful Lord Vernon who intends to become the new Architrave. Can The Pan rescue her and come into his own destiny? I'm not going to tell you but it's an exciting and bumpy ride.

The author has created a world here that we want to believe in and characters we variously detest, admire or even love. It's dotted with danger, humour, horror and romance. It’s oozing with charm but it’s not a sweet, chintzy charm. It’s charm with a side order of sarcasm and drizzled with attitude. You can't help but be drawn in. I loved every moment.

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  1. I've just started it, and agree with every word there, Kath.