Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Faith Mortimer

Faith is an author whose name I see around occasionally. I read most of this book in one afternoon and evening - it's addictive!

Behind a Twisted Smile Behind a Twisted Smile

My review - 

Moya has a brief fling with Martyn but after he effectively breaks into her flat and uses her computer without her knowledge, she realises there’s no real relationship there and she dumps him. Just a few weeks later, she finds he’s going out with her sister and making out to her family that he finished the relationship and she’s bitter about it. He has every appearance of being a gold-digger but nobody else can see past his immense charm. As the story progresses, more people are taken in by Martyn and Moya feels increasingly isolated, until she meets Jon. The story had me so paranoid I wondered about him, too.

As I read on, I felt Moya’s frustration at the degree of manipulation Martyn brought into play. I seemed to be the only one who believed her! The final acts of the story were very tense and exciting and I enjoy this a great deal. I think I need to read more of Faith Mortimer’s books!

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