Saturday 28 March 2015

Paul Levinson

A new author to me but with this taster I know I'll be reading more. The cover is stunning too!

The Other Car The Other Car

My review - 

This, though only a short story, asks the classic question, ‘what would happen if…?’  James Oleson sees a car identical to his own, down to the bumper scratches. That’s how it begins. Other inexplicable duplicates occur in the course of the day. The author makes us think in this little tale. Could there be genuine, coincidental duplicates? Has the mailman always had a twin? Or is there some kind of fission beginning in which the world, reality, or at least his part of it, is splitting? I found that an amazing question. We are all aware, possibly obsessed, with our own unique individuality. In the case of parallel realities, what happens to our self-awareness? Which is the me I know?

The story is well written, engrossing, and opens up possibilities which could easily be explored in a novel. I thought the end was stunning. Short it may be, but I’m giving this five stars. My rules for deciding are these –
Did I enjoy the story? Yes
Were there no downsides? Yes

Would I read more by this author? Absolutely yes!

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