Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Lily Rose Graham

This is the second book I've read by the author - the first was a novella and very good.

An Invincible Summer


My review - 

What a lovely book this is. It's coincidentally the second book set in Crete that I've read in the last month though their themes are substantially different. The half Greek girl Ariadne (Ria), after suffering a tragic loss, finds herself relegated to writing obituaries on the paper she works for. She throws it all up to go to Crete, finds a job and realised she's been wasting her life. She hears the story of a local family tragedy and the rebuilding of a ruined vineyard. She's drawn to Tom who's starting over.

This story has several deep themes. There's tragedy and hope reborn. There's family honour and friendships. There's a love of place - the place your family is tied to for generations. There's also the light touch of humour here. Ria's a caring person, a natural journalist (nosy person!) and a good friend. Lily Rose Graham has written a lovely, contemporary romance and I very much enjoyed it.

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