Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Rosen Trevithick

This is a complete departure from Rosen's usual fiction. This isn't fiction - this is true - and I've tasted the future!

Chocolate Making Adventures


My review - 

I read this cover to cover before publication as I am one of a select band of recipe testers. I began tentatively, not sure if what I was being asked to do would produce anything I fancied eating. All I can say is – go with it. The business of spreading the ingredients, vigorous mixing and re-melting sounds like a faff but it’s quicker and less messy than making scones. At least, the way I make scones! Once you have perfected the technique you will never look back. You’ll start to think of your own variations and you will suddenly find you have an amazing number of friends who want to help you sample them and decide on the best!

If you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, if you just love eating wonderful chocolate in flavours you can’t buy, then you’ll love this book. I bought a few silicone moulds which each cost much less than a box of chocolates and now I’m addicted to making as well as eating the delicious stuff. The author has put a lot of time into trying out techniques and recipes and has put in all the ground work so that we can fly. The photographs are spectacular. This is a great book. I’m buying the paperback too, as soon as it’s available, because the photos are just too gorgeous and too colourful to hide away on a kindle.

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