Friday, 3 June 2016

Sean and Daniel Campbell

You can read this series in any order. they are very well constructed and stand alone.

The Patient Killer

My review -

This is the fourth in the DCI Morton series. I’ve read the second and this and it’s a real case of the stories standing well on their own. In this book, the body of a woman turns up on her husband’s grave which she visited every day. She’d had a lung removed. Other bodies are found later, each with some part of their anatomy removed, though in some cases it’s blood. They have completely bled out. Morton begins by suspecting the first victim’s twin sons but the story gets complicated.

I enjoyed this book very much. Morton and his crew are becoming real, three-dimensional characters and there’s a great deal of humour and some antipathy which makes the characters feel genuine. This is that rare thing in fiction, a DCI who is married, who has a wife who tolerates him, annoys him, and he has a home life. Not the usual off-the-peg maverick loner with a bunch of dysfunctional relationships in his past. It’s rather refreshing! The plot gave us some red herrings and a lot to think about. I felt it was satisfying in all ways. A great read.

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