Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Craig Lancaster

I knew it wouldn't be long before I read the latest Edward story. A must for fans of this quirky character.

Edward Unspooled

My review -

People embarking on Book Three in the Edward series are sure to be Edward fans already. We have seen him, through the previous two books, turn from a solitary, rather mistrustful man, to someone who learns to socialise and become a friend. He and Sheila, now married, learn they are to be parents, and this book takes the form of letters to his unborn child, to which Sheila adds her own notes.

Through the writer's skill, Edward's voice comes through loud and clear. He learns to stand up for himself and to be considerate of others, not easy for him, bearing in mind his background. He is very literal and this often results in humour. He is convinced that he’s really funny but much of the humour comes from his failure to understand or to empathise with others, try though he might. The story is often surprising and at times exciting. I found it a really enjoyable read.

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