Thursday, 20 October 2016

Shalini Boland

This is a real mind-turner. Highly recommended.

My review -

Louisa and Jared have recently enrolled their son Joe in an expensive private school, all worth it as he's happy and thriving there. It's at school that Louisa meets his new friend Tyler and his mum, Darcy. Darcy Lane is rich, popular and generous and invites Joe to sleepovers and Louisa and Jared go meals. Is she too good to be true?

I read this with sneaking misgivings about Louisa's new best friend. Little things slip. Is she really as generous and well disposed as Louisa first thought? It's a tale of trust misplaced and friendship abused. How far would you carry a childhood grudge? Not this far, I suspect, but there are those who never let it go. Who always finish what they started. This book is never short of interesting and in parts is fast and exciting. Highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyable.

I chose to review this book after receiving and advance copy.

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