Thursday, 15 December 2016

Robert Bryndza

This is my first encounter with Coco Pinchard. She's a force of nature!

My review - 

Coco wants her son to have his heart’s desire on Christmas morning. Don’t we all, but some years there’s a run on the ‘must have’ gift, and it can’t be obtained for love nor money. In the year in question, it’s Thunderbirds’ Tracy Island. I remember – and the time it was the Telly Tubbies! Coco goes through a form of hell to make sure her boy isn’t disappointed.

This novella is full of the sort of visual humour that you’d love to see on the television. It would make a good one-off before Christmas as it’s teeming with great characters, and strange, often silly, situations. It’s a light-hearted look at the things we all remember, even if we didn’t get into them up to our necks, like Coco! 

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