Thursday, 29 June 2017

David Videcette

David's an ex Scotland Yard investigator and ex-terrorism specialist so this has an authentic ring.

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My review -

Jake is faced with a number of crimes which don’t appear to be connected. He recklessly attempts to disarm a car bomb (which fails to detonate anyway). A spy is found in his own garden and it’s assumed he leapt from his window in the block of flats. Jake’s old girlfriend enlists his help in something suspicious. There’s a lot going on in this novel and all of it illegal, nasty and involving high-level corruption.

David Videcette knows how to crank up the tension. His protagonist, Jake, is often out on a limb but can’t let bad things happen. I was torn so many ways in this story, wanting bad people not to get away with it though I feared some of them would. Everything isn’t always black and white and Jake has to deal with the shades of grey and choose between the lesser of the evils. This is a very through-provoking book and the section at the end, taken from real documents, is a bit of a shocker. Really, this is a book not to miss.

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