Monday, 19 February 2018

Oliver Tidy

It's not often that I go straight from one book in a series to the next, but these books are so good!

Poor Hands link

My review -

This is the third of the Booker and Cash series and I've enjoyed them all. David Booker sees a young girl enter his shop. She's ill-clad and is being pursued by a huge thug of a man. Jo Cash is asked by a mysterious American client to find any surviving family of a woman who died in childbirth. One of David’s customers is a young man he suspects is autistic. A group of people to whom life has dealt a poor hand.

This is another extremely readable tale from Oliver Tidy. Booker and Cash are a great team (though technically, they’re not) and the author makes his readers care about them, and about some of the people they’re dealing with. The strands of the story work together in a satisfying way, and the banter between the main characters is very funny at times. There’s enough excitement for any reader, with a car chase and a hostage scene. It’s heart-racing stuff. Altogether, a most satisfying read.

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