Saturday, 24 November 2012

Alex South

Alex South is a writer of short stories and this first collection I've read was seriously good.  The themes were imaginative and unusual and I often didn't know where he was going with them.  I'll read more!

Seven Stories High  Seven Stories High

My review -

This collection of seven short stories is extremely imaginative and very unusual.  The endings of some are quite thought provoking and one or two left me thinking, ‘What happened there, then?’  This in itself is not a bad thing.  I’m not a reader who wants to be spoon-fed a lot of pre-chewed pap.  I am more than happy to re-read a good story.  The first story, possibly my favourite, is Copy and Paste, which asks what would happen if one or more exact copies of you were to appear in your home?  The way the author considers and resolves this is really interesting.  Each of the stories had its own merits and was considered in a fairly unusual way. 

The stories contained here are written in an engaging and mature style and take rather unusual directions.  I have never read anything else of Alex South’s though I understand this is one of a proposed series of short story collections.  I highly recommend this and will look out for more by this author.

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