Monday, 26 November 2012

Beverley Carter

Beverley usually publishes novellas and I'm quite a fan of her writing.  She has an ability with surprise endings and she's at it again in these short stories.

Tales of Strangeness and Harm  Tales of Strangeness and Harm

My review -

This collection of short stories is prime Beverley Carter in that she can create a situation of which the reader cannot predict the ending. I do love surprises! Each of these stories, some featuring rather unpleasant characters, has a twist in the tail and will leave you smiling, nodding and thinking, 'I didn't see that one coming!' It's always difficult with a collection of stories, to choose a favourite and in this group I have several. I found the story of the Millefiori paperweight quite unexpectedly creepy at the end. The story of the laboratory cat, First Filial, tells of a lab technician who doesn't feel sufficiently stretched in his job and takes on a project of his own. The final tale, A Box of Fudge, also finished with a shiver.

I very much enjoy Beverley's style of writing and these 'tales of the unexpected' didn't disappoint me. You can read a story or two here and there, or do as I did and read straight through for an evening's entertainment. Excellent!

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