Sunday, 12 May 2013

Andrew Barrett

This is a stand-alone novel featuring some of the characters from The Third Rule trilogy.  I think it's stunningly good.

Black by Rose Black by Rose

My review -

In this new stand-alone novel by Andrew Barrett we again meet Scenes of Crime Officer Eddie Collins.  He has stormed out of a crime scene and resigned, and has been recruited to the Major Crimes Unit.  Eddie is his usual self here – irascible, sarcastic, almost permanently angry and yet vulnerable.  He becomes involved in unravelling the deaths of an undercover policeman and his wife and with investigating the murder of one of the local gang members.  There’s unrest in the Crosby gang and there’s a territory fight between them and another local group.  There are sub-plots going on in the background, as you would expect if you’ve read any of the author’s previous work.  The story is sprinkled with clues – it’s up to us to link them together.  As always, Eddie’s heart is in the right place, but acting for someone else’s good results in some heart-breaking scenes.

This is an energetic and exciting novel.  There are some heart-stopping moments here, which I read with a lump in my throat - if you read it you’ll find it hard to forget.  Amongst its other themes, it deals with rape, and its after-effects, and with male domination of women.  Hard topics to read about but as well as food for thought they provide a fast and thrilling story.  The book is at once gruesome and beautiful, containing as it does, violence, tough language, wonderful writing and some very poignant moments.  Amazing contrasts and thrilling highlights make this an utterly absorbing read.

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