Monday, 13 May 2013

Jonathan Hill

This is the second book of 'mixed genre' tales from Jonathan Hill.  He handles all the stories well.  I enjoyed this so much!

Beyond Eclectic Beyond Eclectic

My review 

I have looked forward to this book for months and although it’s got ten stories in, and runs to around 32,000 words, I devoured it in a day. Ok, it was Sunday and I hadn’t much else to be doing, but it’s a very good read indeed. All these stories give the reader food for thought – sometimes it’s ‘I wonder if that could really happen?’ For lovers of Jonathan Hill’s classic character, Maureen makes her appearance, as disgracefully as ever! There was one point, though, where not until the end of a story, did it click for me that there was a link with another, earlier in the book – that was a real ‘Wow’ moment for me, and I think it was very cleverly done.

The author has an approachable, comfortable writing style which quickly draws you in to each of his stories, be it dark and dangerous, amusing, or outright funny/silly (Yes, Maureen – I’m looking at you!) He has proved here that he can very capably tackle subjects in different genres and tell a good tale in each. Highly recommended!

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