Thursday, 13 June 2013

Matthew McFarland

I found this to be an excellent selection of short stories - a quick read but not a superficial one.

My review -

This is Matthew McFarland’s second book of short stories and I think he has excelled himself here. In each story he takes a sideways look at a situation and finds something unique to say about it. There are some wonderful ideas here. There isn’t a story among them that I didn’t like, but I found Hospital a lovely story, very true to life for a four year old. Toxic Love was also compelling, and The Savant was real food for thought. I’m sure anyone would find a few favourites in here, which will stay in the memory.

Mathhew McFarland has a really accessible and clear writing style and he cuts to the meat of his story straight away. I think that’s important in something which is necessarily short. His stories are all substance and never waffly. I hope he never tires of writing them!

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