Sunday, 22 December 2013

Matt Drzymala

Matt is a new author of short stories.  This will have echoes for everyone who lives in a village.

The Bumpkinton Tales: Bittersweet The Bumpkinton Tales: Bittersweet

My review -

This is the delightful tale of a village and the history of a family.  Venetia remembers her Grandpa Eddie telling her stories about the shop he used to run in the little village of Bumpkinton.  She decides she’d like to go back and run the shop if it’s for sale.  It is and she and her malleable husband Timothy buy it.  The village is packed with wonderful characters and most of them don’t like the idea of ‘townies’ coming in to their village.

I live in a village too, and enjoyed this story which is light hearted and feel-good. The author uses some great turns of phrase - I started highlighting them but then realised there were too many and I’d be wasting good reading time!  I understand there are more books planned in this series.  I shall be looking out for them!


  1. Thank you for the review, Kath :)

    Does a review mean I can add your 5 star review to my blog, or do you have a special review for the 5 stars?

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  2. Certainly you can use it Matt!