Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Carl Ashmore

The Time Hunters and the Lost City is the fifth and (allegedly) final part in this fantastic series. If you've read the rest this will not disappoint you.

The Time Hunters and the Lost City

My review - 

If you’ve followed the exploits of Becky, Joe and their Uncle Percy you’ll know what a tangled plot Carl Ashmore is capable of weaving. I started this book wondering if he’d be able to pull it all out of the hat and I can safely say he really did. There are numerous world myths and legends which have crept into this five part tale and it’s the work of a patient and persistent author who has crafted it all into a coherent whole. We begin the story with Sir Walter Raleigh on the brink of his execution and he passes on a secret which finally Becky and her brother unravel. This brings them to the last of the Eden Relics – the Sacred Chalice. Their enemy Emerson Drake and his side-kick Otto Kruger are determined on world domination and look as if they will achieve it.

This is an action-packed adventure and is suitable for all ages from teens upwards. I’ve enjoyed it all and one of the things which makes the series stand out is that it emphasises the power of loyalty, friendship and love. People can be cynical about these but they are the attributes that make our lives worth living. Carl Ashmore’s young people are totally believable and we all wish we’d had an Uncle Percy. The end of the book is the culmination of the series and it’s been a great ride. I heartily recommend it.

I received a copy pre-publication for review purposes.

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