Friday, 29 May 2015

Lexie Conyngham

Lexie Conyngham is known for her series of historical mysteries about Charles Murray of Letho. He appears in some of these stories but they are much wider ranging.

Thrawn Thoughts and Blithe Bits

My review - 

This is a book of short stories from Scottish author Lexie Conynham – hence the title. Thrawn means perverse or twisted and blithe is joyous or cheerful. Some of these stories certainly have that characteristic slightly twisted, surprise element which characterises good short stories. The author’s longer works are the stories of Charles Murray of Letho, and young landowner who finds himself well placed to solve murder mysteries. As these are set at the beginning of the 1800s there’s a wonderful period element to the settings and people. Many of the short stories here feature Charles Murray and give little snippets to fill in our background. Some stories set in modern times, though, and this variety makes for a great set of short tales.

Lexie Conyngham is a gifted writer and her characters are richly drawn and believable. Here, in addition to the mysteries to be solved by Murray, we have stories about relationships, husband and wife, daughter and father, harassed housewife and special helpers and a rather spooky story which takes place on a Scottish coast road. They all brought me delight and pleasure. If you’ve met Murray of Letho you’ll enjoy these extras snippet. If you haven’t, here’s the ideal introduction.

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