Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lexie Conyngham

This lady combines with and wisdom with history and mystery to create a fantastic series. They're the kind of books you wait for when you know there's another due!

Death of an Officer's Lady

My review -

This story sees the recently married Charles Murray return without his wife from Letho to Edinburgh to fulfil a commission from his brother who is abroad and fighting with the Duke of Wellington’s army. One of his brother officers is worried about the wife he hasn’t heard from since she moved to different premises in fear of her life. It’s out of season and Murray doesn’t want to open up the big house in Edinburgh, bringing all the staff that will require, so he and a young trainee servant stay with a childhood friend of his. 

This is a trail of detective work for Murray and fighting at Waterloo for his brother. We follow both the Murray brothers and discover that people are not always what they wish you to believe. This story was engrossing from start to finish. Anyone acquainted with Charles Murray of Letho will love this book. There’s lots of subtle humour in it and the characters are painted so faithfully that you feel you know them. I’ve enjoyed this series more as the characters have grown and I have come to know and appreciate them. 

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