Monday, 15 June 2015

Lucas Bale

This short story will give you a real flavour of Lucas Bale's writing. He does adventure with a capital A.


My review - 

This is a stirring conspiracy-theory story concerning the HAARP project (High Frequency Active Aural Research Program). Scott is a sailor and surfer and the Bering Strait offers risk and excitement to him. It’s dangerously close to Russian waters, though. He and a friend get a reasonable forecast for the straits off the Chukotka Peninsula and set off, he for the surfing and his friend to make a delivery. Their GPS loses signal, the compass spins and the weather breaks. Not good. Umqy, an aged hunter, sets off on his final polar bear hunt. He is one of the last to cling to traditional ways.

They meet but are unable to understand one another. The resulting story and its relationship to the secrecy of the HAARP project is both thrilling, exciting and thoroughly thought-provoking. Young and old, modern and dying cultures meet. It’s a substantial enough short story to give a full thriller/adventure experience. A great example of the author’s style and skill.

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