Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Andrew Lawston

This is a departure for the author, in that it takes some of the silly humour from his short stories and produces a novella which had me smiling. It's published under a pseudonym.

Smoke me a Kipper - Neil's Farrago

My review - 

This quick read is a joyously unashamed dig at one of our political leaders who doesn't seem to need a great deal of caricature to render him funny. While visiting a relocation station for illegal aliens, Neil Farrago is outwitted by some genuine, green-man type aliens who plan to bring down his party by speaking at a conference disguised as him. Look out for cameo appearances by the Lord Mayor of London, a well-known rapper and a now defunct motoring show presenter.

This is a short read but cheekily amusing. Nobody is above being laughed at but some people invite it. I enjoyed this very much.

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