Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Lynda Wilcox

This is the fifth book in the Verity Long series and I never tire of them. 

Long Drive to Death

Verity Long, now Mrs Farish, has been employed part time as a researcher on the Cold Cases team of the local police where her husband is a Detective Inspector. She still works mornings researching for her old employer, Kathleen Davenport, the crime writer. Her husband decided she needs a constable as a side-kick. Their first joint effort is a 20 year old case of a body in a burnt-out car and they discover four local people went missing at that time.

There's an interesting relationship which develops between Verity and her new assistant as they interview the families of the missing persons to try to find if one of them was the body in the car. Verity, even working hand in hand with the police, manages to put herself in danger. This is another of the successful murder mysteries in this series and I hope Lynda Wilcox never runs out of ideas.

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