Friday, 18 September 2015

David Haynes

A new horror story by a master of the genre. A great read!

The Cage

My review -

Ted, retired from the police force, works as a private detective. He has some regrets. If he had killed a child-molester who got off through the incompetence of one of his colleagues, he knows he could have saved further harm to children but his conscience wouldn't let him kill. He's called in to look into a murder in a remote hotel. Heavy snow traps him there and we find out more about him - and the occasion on which he actually did take a life.

David Haynes has created a claustrophobic story which works very well as a horror novel at surface level. It's as creepy and spooky as you could want. It works as a metaphor too, of the cages in our minds where we hide our secrets or our fears. The literal and metaphorical cages in this novel make you shudder. There are hauntings of different types here and the slow crumbling of a mind. This is a modern classic horror story by a man who has made the genre his own.

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