Monday, 21 September 2015

Katie W Stewart

Katie Stewart hits just the right note for young people in this book but still manages to amuse and educate those of us no longer young. You'll need two copies. I'm giving one to my grand-daughter but I've kept one for myself!

Famous Animals

My review -

If you have a young person with a sense of humour and a thirst for knowledge in your life, you really need this book. I ordered two copies. My nearly -11 year-old grand-daughter will really appreciate it, but I wanted one for myself. Why should the youngsters get all the fun? Each full page illustrations (for example, Felix Mendelsswan – the cover character) faces a page with a little information about the animal and a brief biography of the person. It’s beautifully done, with delightful pictures and is both fun and factual. If you buy one to give away you’ll want another to keep! For the number and quality of the illustrations it’s an absolute bargain.

The author writes for young people and doesn’t talk down to them. It’s all done with wit and imagination. The best thing about it is discovering there’s a Volume II in production. Wonderful!

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