Sunday, 4 October 2015

Angie Smith

This is the second in a series. I enjoyed the first very much but awarded it four stars. This one is an absolute winner - but you'd need to read the first.

My review -

After the nail-biter ending of Book 1 we pick up exactly where we left off – which I won’t elaborate on for fear of spoiling Book 1 for anyone yet to read it. Barnes and Woods end up on two opposing sides but still working together. They have a method of leaving coded messages – which Woods needs help to decode. My opinion of various of the characters shifted as I read and because Angie Smith can juggle so many threads and can breathe life into such a lot of characters, I was sucked into it as into quicksand. I couldn’t have got out until the end!

As the title implies, we discover secrets about some of our characters, including Maria Barnes. She must be one of my favourite characters in modern literature. She and Woods go deeper into the secrets of the Intelligence Service and turn up some nasty things crawling under there. There’s such a lot happening in this book that to pick on one aspect is to ignore others. It becomes very exciting towards the end. I can’t describe it – you need to read it!

I received an advance copy for review purposes.

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