Friday, 22 January 2016

David Hadley

This is a bit of fun but it'll make you think.

In The Beginning

My review -

In this light-hearted novel, Albert, recently made redundant, takes up a new hobby, urged by his friend, Pete. He buys his own, tiny universe which he sets up in his shed and monitors via his computer. It sounds great. He can add moons, extra planets and, interestingly, people. Poor Albert doesn't realise what he's got himself into.

This book is full of gentle, wistful humour and a good deal of wisdom. Albert, though the creator, and able to manifest himself to the people on his world, is frequently baffled at their stubbornness and idiocy. His own life is baffling to him too. There are some great scenes in the job centre when the simplest thing rapidly runs out of control. He also has to keep his wife sweet, try to understand his friend Pete and avoid Pete's wife Jenny whenever possible. Superficially just a fun read, this gives plenty to ponder on too. Very enjoyable.

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