Friday, 22 January 2016

Martin Link

Martin Link is a new author to me and this debut novel is a blast. 


My review -

MI5 agent Lucas Norton is alerted to a text message which includes four key words suggesting terrorist communication. Together with colleagues in GCHQ and, eventually, the FBI, Lucas is involved in tracking 48 million dollars of stolen money, obtained from a new, state of the art and allegedly impenetrable van. The team keep a close track on the gang, whoever they are, but at every turn they seem to be sent off on a wild goose chase. I really enjoyed the way the team and the reader were misdirected.

This is an excellent debut novel and it looks as though there’ll be more from this character, Lucas Norton. I, for one, greatly look forward to it. The story sets off at a spanking pace, is exciting and full of unexpected twists. I had a few misgivings about the cover but inside, it’s top notch. 

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