Saturday, 19 March 2016

Charlie Wade

This book tells of an alternative Britain where, at some point, things went wrong. Okay, more wrong.

The Bailout

My review -

This story takes a simultaneously humorous and sobering look at a British economy which crashes and is bailed out by a consortium of Eastern countries. Within a very short time, Britain becomes a police state, people work for food – canned ‘chicken’ stew from China – and dissenters are shipped to labour camps on the Isle of Wight. Our story follows a group of these people, who are forced to pedal exercise bikes to produce electricity, or work fields by hand to produce crops they can’t afford to eat.

The story is humorously told but the situation it portrays is bleak. We wouldn’t put up with it, would we? It made me wonder how far things would have to go, where the tipping point would be, before we found ourselves in this kind of mess. I enjoyed the characters, all quite believable, and their relationships with one another. I also liked the ending. Can a worm turn? Read this and find out!

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