Thursday, 24 March 2016

Holly Seddon

A debut novel which I was totally hooked on.

M y review -

Amy is in a persistent vegetative state after having been attacked and left for dead at the age of fifteen. Nobody has been accused of the attack. Jake, her boyfriend at the time, visits her bedside. He's had to move on with his life and another fifteen years on, he's married with a baby on the way. His wife doesn't know about Amy. Alex is a washed-up journalist who is killing herself with alcohol. Her marriage and career have failed as a result but she takes an interest in Amy's case and tries to bring her justice.

There's a real feeling of walking on eggshells in this novel, which is presumably the meaning behind the enigmatic title. Jake's wife, since her pregnancy, has become viciously and irrationally jealous and Alex still yearns for her ex-husband. You get a sense of so much more beneath the surface. Jake's brittle mother and emotionally distant father add to the feeling that something is building up. But the real star of this story is Amy, supposedly brain dead. You must read this.

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