Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Annabel Kantaria

I must be getting old! I didn't remember pre-ordering this but on checking, I did. It's a good read, so I did right!

My review - 

Right at the beginning of this book we realise that Audrey Templeton is missing from a cruise ship, presumed dead. Her two adult children accompanied her on the cruise at her expense - her last fling before looking at retirement homes. The narrative alternates between Audrey's earlier life in India and her marriage to the twins' father, and her daughter Alexandra's present-day story. Lexi's brother John is behind the move to get their mum to accept sheltered accommodation.

I enjoyed this story very much. The brother and sister are very different and Lexi harbours doubts and suspicions about her brother which make her wonder if they can ever feel the same about one another when the cruise is over. The characters are well fleshed-out and although I had guessed the ending, it was no less satisfying for that. A really good read. 

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