Friday, 29 April 2016

Si Page

Another new author to me but his earthy humour is a great antidote to dull April days.

Missing Gretyl

My review - 

Gretyl Trollop is a monstrous woman. She's self-obsessed, greedy, thoughtless and rude. Her husband is a salt-of-the-earth type, kind hearted and a good friend and you wonder how they stayed together for so long. Dave and Sharon Soddall are in on a scam with Dave's brother to sell some villas in Marbella which have no planning permission and are due for demolition. The two groups collide and thereby hangs this tale.

The humour here is classic British slapstick; Carry-on stuff. The situations are often ludicrous and you can’t help but laugh along. It's not subtle and Gretyl herself is at the centre of most of it. Just a very few characters wave the flag for goodness and righteousness – Albert, Gretyl’s husband, his best friend Stan and his wife, and Sajan, his young student friend. There's a satisfying amount of Karma at the end though I wonder if someone can really change so thoroughly. I suspect there’s more to come. It’s the kind of book which makes you keep reading, smirking and sniggering.

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