Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Joel Hames

This, like a may-fly, is ephemeral - so topical it must be read now!

My review -

This topical short story tells the tale of the unprecedented referendum vote and adds some fictional spice to the result which probably astonished us all when it happened. Dave is a taxi driver working nights. Someone leaves a briefcase in his cab and an unsuspecting banker finds it. He reads the contents, leaves it there and later, Dave himself reads it. The contents are explosive. There have been cunning plans and dirty deeds (we all knew that!), the banker dies and Dave finds himself in great danger.

This is a bit of fun (well, assuming you like murder and political intrigue). They say a week is a long time in politics, and life imitates art. Current events are catching up with, and even overtaking, this story – but take it in its context. It’s a funny, slightly scary and bravely ambitious book. I enjoyed it very much.

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