Saturday, 21 January 2017

Kate Hughes

A new writer to me but Kate has a real empathy with her characters.

My review - 

Sophie lives with her two daughters, teenaged Chloe and her younger sister, Rosie. Rosie is twelve years old and autistic. She is strong and has begun to express her frustration by biting and scratching. Sophie puts up with it but when Rosie starts to attack her grandmother, Diane, and her sister, Chloe, Sophie knows the time has come to think about residential care. Her estranged husband now lives in Ireland and Sophie knows he doesn’t understand how hard it is to keep going.

The characters in this book are so human, you can totally believe in, and empathise with, them all. Sophie is left with grief and guilt as a result of sending her daughter to live away from home. We’re taken through her own feelings and thought processes. It’s very interesting to see her beginning to live her own life again, though she can’t shake the guilt that she shouldn’t be. It’s a lovely, sad, gripping but eventually life-affirming story. Highly recommended.

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