Saturday, 13 July 2019

A Wolf at the Gate

Second in the Orkneyinga murder mysteries by Lexie Conyngham.

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Book description

Ketil had not intended to return to Orkney, but when you work for Thorfinn Sigurdarson, you obey orders. Thorfinn wants him back to help with a visiting Abbot from Saxony, escorted by an old colleague of Ketil’s. Then people who know the Abbot start dying, and Ketil must once again work with his friend Sigrid to find out why – and to face dark memories from his own past.This is the second in the Orkneyinga Murders series.

My review - 

This is a second outing for Ketil and his childhood friend Sigrid. Ketil had been called back to Orkney when the bishop of Colonia and his colleague and follower Otto arrive. There’s a death soon after and the victim knew the bishop. All communication between the groups is complicated by the need to translate. It’s a really interesting puzzle as so many people could have so many reasons to want the victim dead – and then there are more deaths. Is it the same killer? This story is well set in time and place and the little details make it come alive. Sigrid, a worker in wool, is teaching someone nailbinding. I had to Google it. You can see YouTube videos. I love this little detail bringing Viking life to my own living room.
If you love mysteries if you’re fascinated by history, or if you’re partial to a little yarn-craft, this book will delight you. It’s a whole lot of story for your money.

About the author

Lexie Conyngham is a historian living in the shadow of the Highlands. Her Murray of Letho novels are born of a life amidst Scotland's old cities, ancient universities and hidden-away aristocratic estates, but she has written since the day she found out that people were allowed to do such a thing. Beyond teaching and research, her days are spent with wool, wild allotments and a wee bit of whisky. 

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