Monday, 14 January 2013

A Splendid Salmagundi

I edited this book but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion!

A Splendid Salmagundi  A Splendid Salmagundi

This book has won the Indie Book Bargains award for best anthology for 2012

My review -

This is an exuberant sampler of the work of a number of Indie authors who are members of the Goodreads UK Amazon Kindle Forum (and one or two as yet unpublished readers from there). Some offer a story in their usual genre; some have taken a completely new style - they are a versatile lot. As editor of the book I can't choose favourite stories; it would be like choosing your favourite from among your children! I have enjoyed the work of some people new to me - it's a great way of finding new authors. I've also read work from those I already love and smiled in self congratulation - I was right about them!

There's a lot of humour in here; there is horror and disturbance; there's even a true story or two. A smattering of poems adds seasoning. I think this is altogether a great collection. I would say that wouldn't I but I didn't write it! Excellent value for the price.

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  1. Very popular book. Won by a massive margin. Well done Kath!