Monday, 14 January 2013

David Wailing

This is another in the popular Auto series of short stories.  I love these and hope there will be an Auto Anthology in the future.

Backup Backup

My review -

This is another story in the Auto series by David Wailing. He has created a not-too-distant future in which people allow their 'electronic assistants' - think smart phones with knobs on - to organise their lives, including their interpersonal relationships. If your auto isn't turned off when you die, it's still interacting with you, with others.

David Wailing's books are always cleverly written. He also has a skill in anticipating the way current trends could come to fruition. Strange fruit indeed! How would you feel if you could go to a parent's grave and feel you could share a conversation? Comforted? How about if you could enter a virtual room and meet your dead family and friends and take part in conversation they are having with other dead people? Spooked? Scared? Horrified? You'll have to read the story and find out! Brilliant, as usual.

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