Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sam Kates

Sam is a new author to me and I started with this book of short stories.  It's excellent!

Pond Life  Pond Life

My review -

This is a little gem. It's a book of varied short stories but each is perfect - not something you always feel about collections. There's nothing here you would say was a make-weight. There are ten stories (and an excerpt from the authors book - I haven't looked at this because I don't want to spoil it for myself) and each is beautifully written. There are a couple of stories about obsession, one about World War 2, a girl who says she can fly, a way of dealing with noisy neighbours - all human life is here! 

Sam Kates' style is easy to read; deceptively so, I think, as the language is used imaginatively and rather evocatively. The stories here range from horror to humour and sometimes one story contains both. Many have been previously published and it's evident that he is an experienced story teller. Sam Kates has form! I am very keen to read his horror novel too. I feel he's an author to watch. This collection is really excellent.

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