Saturday, 23 February 2013

Andrew Barrett

Andrew's fantastic trilogy The Third Rule is now available as a single volume at the remarkable price of £2.99.

The Third Rule: The Complete Story The Third Rule: The Complete Story

My review -

Now it’s possible to have this very long story all in one book.  Despite the fact that I have all three on my kindle and have read them several times, I have bought the complete volume so I don’t have to shuffle about through my kindle (it never gets shoved into archives!) in order to continue reading.

Eddie Collins, Scenes of Crime officer, has hit rock bottom.  Thanks to an act of sacrificial heroism, he is haunted by nightmares and has taken to drinking.  His wife Jilly has thrown him out and he spends time with his alcoholic friend and old fashioned journalist, Mick.  That’s bad enough.  It gets worse.  There’s a new Justice Act and it brings the death penalty back for those who transgress The Rules three times.  If you’re the son of the justice minister though, you can get away, literally, with murder.  Eddie, through his search for justice for his own son, becomes a Third Rule criminal.  He and Mick take it upon themselves to bring this corruption to an end.

The story is tightly written and packed with strong characters who will bring out your emotions, both good and bad!  The author’s writing style is wonderful and he can take you from laughter to a lump in the throat in a very short space.  There’s a lot of black humour here, there’s despair but there’s a strong sense of natural justice and Andrew Barrett’s deep understanding of human nature.  A wonderful book.  

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