Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ray Kingfisher

Ray is a new author to me but was recommended by Joo of the Kindle Users Forum.  She picked a good one to steer me towards!

Slow Burning Lies

Amazon.com  Slow Burning Lies

My review

I’ve just finished this book and I’m still getting my breath back!  It’s a story about dreams, about identity, about childhood influences and fractured relationships.  It’s rather amazing.  For most of the book, the narrator is a man telling his own incredible story and we are largely unaware of who he is.  We, and his listener, suspect he is the man called Patrick, the subject of the story.  As the book progresses, it becomes very dark, rather unsettling and a bit frightening in its intensity.  What’s happening to Patrick?  Is he dreaming the future?  Are his dreams real?  He confides in his boss at work, in spite of his misgivings.

This is a tense and tightly woven story told by one character to another.  We only realise why he has chosen to tell his tale to this particular person in the last few pages of the story and at that point I felt my own pulse racing.  As the book progressed I found myself wondering what was going on, beginning to get the picture and finally wondering if it really could happen.  Ray Kingfisher is a new writer to me but he has a very readable style and I enjoyed his imagination.  I’m certainly going to look at more of his work in the near future.

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