Sunday, 25 August 2013

D A and M P Wearmouth

These author brothers are new to me and I'm very impressed with their story. It was a real thriller and I'm looking forward to a sequel.

First Activation First Activation

My review -

Brothers Harry and Jack are aboard a plane heading for JFK Airport when some serious turbulence cuts off all communication with the world. What they find when they get there is wholesale carnage. How did it happen? Why? Those left alive have a compulsion to kill one other person, then commit suicide. The brothers are trying to survive in a world with no power, decomposing bodies and the need to find out what and who is behind it all.

This is a really gripping post-apocalyptic thriller which I enjoyed a great deal. The characters were believable and although I didn't always like their actions, I have never been in that position. I wonder how I'd behave. I think I'd be the first to be killed off! The authors are brothers and I do hope they will be collaborating again soon. There’s room for a sequel but it stands very well by itself. Highly recommended.

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