Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Helenka Bednar

Helenka Bednar has written a short, funny, informative book here, and I enjoyed it hugely.  I hope you do too.

The Excellence of the Bacon Sandwich

Amazon.com The Excellence of the Bacon Sandwich

My review -

I spent yesterday evening reading this excellent little book and you’ll never guess what I’m going to have for lunch! Helenka Bednar gives us an interesting read, with information about the breeds of pigs which make the best bacon, the curing and smoking methods and a variety of condiments and additions to the basic bacon butty which have whetted my appetite to add more of to them to my diet. (Diet! Ha!)

This is nicely written, anecdotal and ends with a number of recipes – or should we call them serving suggestions. I’ve never been one to mix sweet and savoury – I’m the one with the egg on her gammon when pineapple is offered – but some of these are making me wonder whether I shouldn’t just give them a try. Maybe not chocolate and bacon though! A very interesting read and an inspiration in the kitchen.

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