Monday, 5 August 2013

Lynda Wilcox

This is the first in the Verity Long stories.  I came across them by reading the novella which features the same characters.  I love the style and the humour so I came back for more!

Strictly Murder Strictly Murder

My review - 

This is the first in a series of murder mysteries in which the brilliantly conceived character of Verity Long acts as unofficial sleuth. Verity is the researcher for a successful crime writer and in this story she finds a body while she’s looking for a house to rent. It's the body of a well known 'celebrity' who fronts a dance show. Feeling that because of this she is somehow involved, she’s unable to let it go, in spite of finding herself ‘interested’ in the senior police officer in charge of the case who want her to back off.

This is a funny story and most of the humour comes from the characters and the author’s own take on things. I loved the writing style, the dialogue, the interaction between characters. I started this series by reading a recent novella featuring these characters and soon realised I’d have to read the lot! It’s a really good romp – with bodies!

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