Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mark R Faulkner

This novella is a real horror if your an arachnophobe! I loved the writing in this one.

Infested Infested

My Review - 

This book begins with an idyllic canoeing holiday starting in the early morning when the world is yours alone. The writing here is observant, beautiful, and the reader floats along with it. The reason the man is there comes as a shock. The world comes to its knees and it appears very few humans survive an incursion from space. We watch Michael's struggle to reach London, then the coast, hoping to find he isn't the only survivor.

This book is to all intents a classic apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic story but it differs in that it is concerned with an individual and not the whole of humanity. I found it beautifully written and I enjoyed it very much.

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