Saturday, 8 February 2014

Simon Jenner

This is the third in the Ethan Justice series - and they get better!

Ethan Justice: Incendiary Ethan Justice: Incendiary

My review - 

I would imagine if you are reading this you have read the two previous Ethan Justice stories. This one would still be a good read if you haven’t but I think pre-knowledge of the characters adds so much to this book. It’s full of action of course, and there’s another evil baddie with big ambitions and no conscience. The two main protagonists are involved in helping to keep Ethan’s sister safe so this time, it’s personal. 

The writing is clear, accessible and exciting. I love the fact that the characters aren’t the usual cardboard cut-outs but have quirky foibles and interesting backstories. It’s all too easy for this kind of ‘special agent and international skulduggery’ story to become repetitive and boring but this never happens in a Simon Jenner book. Another excellent read!

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