Monday, 24 February 2014

Nicola Palmer

This is the first in the Alice Parker series. It's delightful!

Alice Parker's Metamorphosis

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My review -

In this book for young adults, Alice Parker is a thirteen year old with all the typical problems. A major one is her older brother, studying science at Oxford. She begins to find her school work easy and gets top marks in subjects into which she’s put no effort. Great, you might think. Not so when it leads to problems with her classmates. It’s not just her sudden acquisition of brain cells that leads to such a change in Alice’s life.

This is a lovely story with an interesting premise. It’s something a bit different and the dialogue between Alice and her best friend and her brother rings so true. It’s got problems and difficulties for Alice and her friends to solve – it’s not all plain sailing – but it’s a great feel-good story. Excellent for old and young alike.

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